LaserPro Lending Certification

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LaserPro Lending Certification provides acknowledgement by D+H that an individual has obtained a recognized level of knowledge in regards to the administration or use of LaserPro Lending®. Initial Certification provides an institution with a standard method of measuring the knowledge level their employees have of the LaserPro Lending documentation system they use on a daily basis. Continued participation in the Certification program ensures that the knowledge level of the employees is kept current.

Benefits of LaserPro Lending Certification include:

Certification is open to any individual who is currently employed by institutions who are D+H customers with a current LaserPro Lending license.

Currently there are five certifications available:

Pricing for the examinations is as follows:

Maintaining Certification:
Certification is granted for a period of one year. To maintain certification participants must re-certify in that area of knowledge.

By including employees in the LaserPro Lending Certification, institutions can ensure that their employees have the knowledge they need to take advantage of all the efficiency and compliance advantages that are part of LaserPro Lending.